Four Types of Shoplifters to Look Out for While Drafting a Loss Prevention Plan

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Theft is a major concern for any retailer, whether you're in the city or not.

We have identified the top four characteristics of shoplifters to watch for in an effort to prevent your business from being part of the $9.6 billion shoplifting industry in 2009, according to the National Retail Federation.

  1. Professional shoplifter. These types of people are a severe threat to businesses. These people treat shoplifting as a job. They use planned methods and are well connected with fencing operations and attorneys.
  1. Drug users. They are also severe threats to businesses. They seek any way to find a source of income to supply for a very expensive habit, so they turn to shoplifting. Usually fences merchandise for 10-20 percent of value or returns for a refund.
  1. Amateur shoplifters. These people are less severe of a threat to businesses. Though these individuals may not present a severe threat to businesses, their cumulative effect can be damaging. Statistically, this category is largest in number.
  1. Thrill seeker. These individuals provide a moderate threat to business owners. They usually act in a gesture of defiance or as a result of peer pressure to do something daring.

Intellex Security has spent 20 years defining preventative measures in theft and loss prevention. Call us today at (773) 735-6666 to begin your new loss prevention plan.

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